Connecticut Accepts $1 Million ObamaCare Grant

On September 30, 2010 Connecticut accepted close to 1 million dollars in the form of a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  The grant will be used to create a state exchange, in compliance with ObamaCare.  The details of the ways the state will administer these funds to expedite the implementation of ObamaCare are below:

State: Connecticut

Administrator: Connecticut Office of Policy and Management

Amount Awarded: $996,850

  • Conduct market research and Information Technology infrastructure assessments to understand the effects and implications of different policy decisions that may direct the implementation strategy.
  • Research and analyze existing data and obtain newly-collected data to assess the health insurance market and the uninsured population.
  • Conduct economic and actuarial modeling to study various policy issues that would impact the design and implementation of the Exchange.
  • Survey the small employer and health insurance markets.
  • Assess the impact of insurance reforms on premiums.
  • Analyze the local marketplace to determine whether the individual and the small group markets should be combined or separate within the Exchange.
  • Analyze the size of the small employer market segment that should start participating in the Exchange (either 1-50 employees or 1-100 employees).
  • Determine the advantages and disadvantages of a Connecticut statewide Exchange versus a multi-state Exchange.
  • Engage in stakeholder dialogue to ensure an accurate and consistent message is being communicated (includes individuals, employers, providers, legislators, insures, etc.)
  • Assess the existing Medicaid system and the interface with the Exchange information technology infrastructure required as well as specifications for the accounting and financial system of the Exchange.
  • Develop a financial model to determine administrative fees necessary for financial self –sustainability of the Exchange; and
  • Develop legislation to create the governance structure of the Connecticut Exchange.

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