Mississippi Accepts 1 Million Dollar ObamaCare Grant

On September 30th, Mississippi accepted a 1 million dollar grant from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to implement ObamaCare. The grant money will be used – among other things – to determine if more laws and regulations in the state are needed to fully implement ObamaCare. The details of how this money will be spent are below:


Administrator: Mississippi Insurance Department

Amount Awarded: $1,000,000.00              

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the health insurance market in Mississippi, including research to determine the number of uninsured in the State, those potentially eligible for the Exchange, those eligible for Medicaid, or those with employer coverage but not currently enrolled.
  • Utilize the Mississippi Health Insurance Exchange Study Committee as key stakeholders for involvement in the planning for the design and implementation of an Exchange. Additional stakeholders will be identified and asked to participate in the Committee.
  • Determine how the Exchange can work with existing State and Federal programs in order to coordinate eligibility and enrollment with Medicaid, CHIP and other programs.
  • Determine governance, implementation, and operation requirements in order to decide whether to create an Exchange at the State, regional, or federal level.
  • Identify funding requirements and determine resources to operate the Exchange, including fees that will be required, subsidies and tax credits that could be applied, and an accounting system for financial management and reporting.
  • Assess the current technical infrastructure available and determine the required resources needed to develop a web portal and/or call center to meet the increased need for consumer education and participation.
  • Determine the need for additional legislation and/or State regulations.

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