The List of ObamaCare’s Waivers Grows and Grows and Grows

The Obama Administration has recently announced a new round of waivers granting a “one-year exemption from a new coverage requirement” included in ObamaCare.  This latest waiver brings to 1,040 the total number of waivers affecting more than 2.6 million people who would otherwise have likely lost their insurance in 2011 due to dramatically higher prices brought about as a result of ObamaCare.  These waivers affect so-called “mini-med plans.”

HHS continues to tout the waivers as if HHS, and ObamaCare, was helping to ensure that people can keep their insurance. The fact is that there would be no need to “save” people’s insurance if ObamaCare did not exist in the first place. The House Ways & Means Committee released a statement that the growing numbers of waivers was, “another admission that the Democrats’ health care law is unworkable,” and asked the following question, “if the Obama Administration itself admits that the best way to help Americans keep what they have is to give them a waiver from the Democrats’ health care law, isn’t that a pretty good indication that the law is not working and should be repealed?”

AHEC has created a summary of the waivers issued through the first week of March 2011.



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