Obama Administration Admits More Unworkability for ObamaCare

Great article from the American Spectator about how the Obama Administration has once again ignored the clear application of the law. This week’s unlawful delay has to do with the deadline by which individuals must sign up for insurance to avoid the individual mandate penalty. Here is the explanation:

“February 15 was supposed to be the last day to sign up for insurance on the exchange and avoid hitting the three-month limit. The reason is that health insurers require applicants to sign up for coverage by the 15th of the month for coverage that begins on the 1st of the following month. Thus, to qualify for insurance on the exchange that begins March 1, an applicant could sign up no later than February 15.

“If he signs up after February 15, the soonest his coverage would begin is April 1. That violates the three-month limit for avoiding the fine. Yet by pushing the deadline back to March 31, Obama has allowed even people who don’t get coverage until May 1—i.e., no coverage for four months—to avoid the penalty under the individual mandate.

“Here, specifically, is what the law says: Section 5000A(e) of Obamacare states, ‘EXEMPTIONS—No penalty shall be imposed…with respect to,’ and then lists the conditions for an exemption. Section 5000A(e)(4)(A) states that one of those conditions is ‘Any month the last day of which occurred during a period in which the applicable individual was not covered by minimum essential coverage for a continuous period of less than 3 months.’ 

“‘Less than 3 months.’ It’s there in black letters. And Obama is going to ignore it.”

Read the full article here.

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