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Senate Democrats Play Politics With ObamaCare

Senate Democrats have opposed delaying ObamaCare for one year. Senate Democrats have opposed delaying the individual mandate for one year. Senate Democrats have opposed delaying the indivdiual mandate penalties for one year.  Under the law, individuals are supposed to complete the exchange enrollment process by February 15, 2014 to ensure they have health insurance by the March 31st deadline. But with the failure of healthcare.gov, there is a chance that many will not be able to complete the process in time.

So Senate Democrats are now playing politics asking for a few weeks delay of the ObamaCare’s enrollment deadline. They opposed all kinds of delays that would have mattered so they are asking for a delay that doesn’t matter much at all. The Senators who are trying to protect their “six” include:

AK: Sen. Mark Begich (see here)

AR: Sen. Mark Pryor (see here).

CA: Sen. Diane Feinsten.

CO: Sens. Mike Bennet and Mark Udall (see here).

LA: Sen. Mary Landrieu (see here).

NH: Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (see here).

NC: Sen. Kay Hagen (see here).

WV: Sen. Joe Manchin (see here).

The most comical thing about this entire episode is that Democrats are blaming Republicans for the reason the health care law isn’t working properly. Readers will note Republicans tried for months earlier this year to delay ObamaCare, including the mandate, but Senate Democrats and President Obama refused to talk. In effect, Republicans were throwing Democrats a life line which the Democrats refused and now the Democrats are blaming the Republicans. There is no shame among Senate Democrats.

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