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Suspension of ObamaCare Mandate Violates the Constitution

ObamaCare requires employers with 50 or more employees to provide insurance to all full time employees working at least 30 hours per week. Employers who fail to do this will face substantial monetary penalties. According to Section 1513 of ObamaCare, the mandate takes effect in “months beginning after December 31, 2013”. In other words in January 2014.

In response to the mandate, employers are reducing employee hours to less than 30 hour per week to avoid the mandate and its related penalties. It is decidedly inconvenient for the Democrats that employees are seeing their hours and pay reduced as a result of ObamaCare. Today, the Obama Administration announced they would be delaying the employer mandate until January 1, 2015 (pushing its effective date back one year).

This move is purely political. Voters will go to the polls angry in 2014 if ObamaCare has reduced their hours and pay. The Administration is acting to protect vulnerable Democrats from the consequences of this disastrous policy. Further proof of how political the Administration’s actions are is the fact that the delay expires less than 2 months after the 2014 election. If the mandate is bad policy with bad effects, then the law should be repealed – not delayed until just past Election Day.

The President’s actions violate the law, undermine the rule of law and infringe on Congress’s Constiutional powers. The deadline for this mandate to take effect is January 2014. Obama is ignoring the law. In doing so, he is infringing on the roll of Congress under the Constitution to write the laws.

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Boston Globe Adds Voice to Obama Medicare Scandal

For the last two days, AHEC has shared information with you about how the President called for cuts to Medicare Advantage (MA) as part of ObamaCare. MA is a patient-centered program within the traditional Medicare program that Democrats have long despised because of its free-market aspects.

ObamaCare’s cuts to MA threaten the program and Seniors’ access to care. AHEC has shared other articles and editorials that suggested that the President was using $8 billion in taxpayer funds to conceal the devastating cutes until after his election, thus forcing taxpayers to hide the further negative implications of the President’s policies on America’s health care system.
Now, the Boston Herald has added its voice to this rising scandal. The Herald states:
“And there was more evidence yesterday of administration malfeasance on Medicare with the release of a report by the Government Accountability Office on an $8.3 billion “experimental” program run out of Health and Human Services.
“Remember how under Obama- care about 12 million seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage programs — popular for their extra benefits like vision and dental care — were going to be kicked off those programs? Well, that change would become apparent to seniors next October (the start of the open enrollment period for the following year), just weeks before the presidential election.
“Enter the $8.3 billion “demonstration project” which HHS is using to temporarily keep those programs alive — at least until after the next election. The GAO report said the project “dwarfs all other Medicare demonstrations” and is so poorly designed that there was no way of knowing whether the bonuses paid to insurers netted “meaningful results.” It’s what happens when you throw money at plans just to cover your political backside until after Nov. 6.
Read the full commentary from the Boston Herald here.

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